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e-AQUA DOOR in Maharashtra offers premium aquaculture products and consultancy services. They provide high-quality formulations based on research, ensuring optimal nutrition for aquatic animals' growth and health. With affordable consultancy, they promote innovative farming methods and increased production. Committed to customer satisfaction and sustainability, they aim to expand services to neighboring states, guaranteeing excellence in aquaculture.

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e-AQUA DOOR offers a wide range of services for aquaculture, catering to both small-scale farmers and large projects. They provide design and assistance for aquaculture projects based on client requirements and available resources. The company's experienced technical team focuses on disease prevention, biosecurity, feed quality, water management, and minimizing the risk of disease outbreaks. They offer consultancy services for shrimp farming, nursery management, fish farming, fish seed production, fish rearing, biofloc farming, integrated farming, cage culture management, and also assist with material purchasing and soil/water quality management.

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Transforming aquaculture through innovative solutions that promote sustainability, efficiency, and healthy seafood production.

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I greatly appreciate your assistance and guidance in upgrading my aquarium. Extremely knowledgeable and most helpful. Just great service. Highly recommend!

Lisa Jackson

The Aqualots team members are professionals. It’s such a joy working with you guys. An Aquarium in our office is amazing. I will recommend you to all my friends!

Linda Moris

Aqualots has been great to work with! They’ve been extremely responsive to any questions or needs we have. I highly recommend this team for your home or office aquarium maintenance.

Tina Johnson

Lisa JacksonLinda MorisTina Johnson

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Our products are formulated to improve the productivity of soil and water as well it improves the health of aquatic animal. It helps maintaining the Water and soil quality by removing toxic materials that generates during the culture period.